Customer Support Specialist Application

Part 1: Create a web page – Done!

Here are my profile links that you’ll find relevant:

GitHub, LinkedIn, Slack

Part 2: Tell us about yourself

Hey There!

I’m Pat. I’m 44 years old, live in Louisburgh, Ireland and I’m making a career change into technical customer support 🙂

I explore web apps and development technologies for fun, and to learn new skills. I’m certain that my vast experience in serving people with special needs, combined with my endless curiosity and drive to learn new web tech skills, makes me a great fit for the SkyVerge team!

I first learned about SkyVerge at WordCamp Belfast. Luminus from WooCommerce gave us a demo on setting up a WordPress site with WooCommerce, and his work supporting merchants and developers piqued my interest in this area of support.

I’ve also got experience with the Shopify platform and their Customer Support Guru interview process, which I really enjoyed and learned a lot from.

My remote work experience is extensive. I’ve over 17 years working alone and with a coworker in community service delivery for the organisations I’ve worked for – with full responsibility for my work independent of direct supervision from management. While my current work isn’t conventional customer support – it is exceptional.

My HTML/CSS/JavaScript knowledge is nearly intermediate level, but I’m hungry to learn and dig deep into these languages more. I dabble with Dash and I’m currently chipping my way through lessons at

In my resume, you should definitely look at my years of acquired communication skills and technical learning. What isn’t in there is my constant development and practice of empathy and my passionate curiosity to learn.

To round this up, I’m searching for a role on a team that I can commit to and grow within the long-term. My work history shows this, it’s what I do with my work – I commit!

Part 3: A Day in The Life

Pre-Sales email reply:

I’m considering switching to Product Customizer. Does your app allow live image previews?

Hey there!

Thanks for reaching out to us here at ShopStorm. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible for us to add this feature to Product Customizer right now. This is due to how the Shopify platform handles image change variants. This support article from our FAQs explains this in more detail:

That being said, Product Customizer does have a significant advantage – it doesn’t rely on external systems. This makes it fast! No delay for customers with product options displaying immediately  😮

If you have any other questions, just reply to this email. We’ll get back to you ASAP!


Pat McDonald

SkyVerge Customer Support

Fire Alarm:

Imagine you’ve just started your workday. You login and see a large number of emails from distraught customers. Clearly, something is happening. What steps do you take?

My first step is to contact my colleagues in order to identify what the issue is. Then, we can communicate this via our social media channels. Next, we triage and respond our individual customer’s emails and social media posts. Throughout this process, we keep them updated on our progress and be responsive to any questions they have transparently. Once we have the issue resolved, we reach out to our affected customers with the details outlining:

  • What happened
  • Who was affected
  • When/ how it will be fixed
  • How we are going to make sure this doesn’t happen again

Communication. All the way through!


We’d like to get an idea of how you explain concepts and processes. What was the last thing you purchased online? Tell us, step-by-step, how you went about searching, choosing, and completing your purchase.

The last thing I purchased online was a pair of jeans from H&M.  My wife had just logged in and ordered some items, and thought it would be a good opportunity to add a pair to her basket and save on shipping costs! The steps I took to order were:

  1. I clicked on the H&M logo in the header, to take me to the site home page.
  2. In the top menu-bar, I hovered on the MEN tab to see the options available to me.
  3. I clicked on the ‘Jeans’ link, this opened the appropriate menu.
  4. I then clicked in the CATEGORY tab and ticked the ‘Straight’ tick box – I’m a bit old for skinny jeans 😉
  5. The options I was looking for displayed, I clicked on a nice pair of Straight Regular jeans.
  6. With these Jeans, I liked the dark denim option. I clicked that colour box and the 30/30 size box.
  7. I checked that chosen options visually, then clicked on the ADD TO SHOPPING BAG button.
  8. I clicked on the Shopping Bag icon in the top right corner and clicked the SHOPPING BAG button in the menu.
  9. This displayed the full contents of the shopping bag. Happy with the contents, I clicked the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button.
  10. I’m happy that our address details are correct, so I entered my debit card details and click the PURCHASE ITEMS button.
  11. Success! My wife confirmed our order via the confirmation email that was sent, job done!

Part 4: Submit

That’s it! We hope you had some fun with this exercise.

I have indeed. Thanks!