Back to basics.

Well, It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted any updates. So, I’m going to start afresh!

I enrolled in an online course at Blogging University – Blogging 101. So I’ll be posting regularly on stuff related to the daily tasks and what I’m doing to learn new skills and habits. I’m literally practicing a new skill as I type this!

I’m typing this post using a colemak keyboard layout. It’s a little frustrating. But, since I’m not a particularly skilled typist I’m finding my way around easily. Using the onscreen keyboard viewer is a real bonus.

Well, thats my crummy first post on Blogging 101!Screen Shot - colemak


Headspace, 32 days in and counting.

I’m still using Headspace as a tool for my practice. 15 days straight is the longest period that I’ve sustained daily meditation, I’m pleased with this because I’ve ingrained the habit into myself now.

For me, spending the extra cash on a yearly subscription has been helpful in keeping me committed. I’ve definitely noticed subtle changes in how my monkey mind chatters on. My internal dialogue is a little more calm (mostly), so it’s all worth it.

20 minutes a day, that’s less time than it takes to watch a soap opera!

Blogging 201: Day two.

Todays task: Audit my brand.

To be honest, the idea of having a “brand” is pretty uncomfortable to me. So, it’s just as well that I’m doing this. Discomfort is a good indicator of things to work on.

So, I’ve restored a nice header image of Old Head, which is a few minutes away from where we live. I’ve also added a menu with my contact email for my website and social media links. WordPress is brilliant! I’m really liking this theme now. That’s all for the moment. I’ll get cracking on the rest later.

Blogging 201: Day one.

I’ve enrolled in this free course  at Blogging U. I’m 3 days behind already, so it’s just like college already..

Anyway, todays task is to set 3 concrete goals for my blog. So, I’m hanging it out here.

  1. To write decent posts at least once a week.
  2. To customise the look and feel of my site – expect theme switching!
  3. To post good quality images taken with my phone, showing how beautiful this part of the world is.

I’m going to respond to comments and feedback too. All welcome!


I’m 12 days into my meditation practice. I really felt a difference yesterday when i finished my 15 minute session. My hands felt like they had sank into my thighs and the soles of my feet were flat on the floor (I mostly sit on a chair while meditating). Today I was more distracted – a little more noise here at home, even before 6am! My mind was fairly jumpy with early morning thoughts also. I guess on some level I was anticipating rising earlier to practice, so the monkey mind revved up it’s chatter!

I took the plunge and subscribed to for a year. I’ve made countless starts at meditating, but faltered after a while. I previously shied away from rising earlier to practice meditation. This time I feel more committed and feeling the difference in tiny ways on some days is a nice early boost.

I’ve no doubt it’s beginners luck, but that’s ok. I’ve been here before, so I know what to expect. There will be frustration, excuses and procrastination. Thats when the real work begins. Thats when the changes come.

Perk up, lean in.

Simple and Sinister

I’ve been training with my 16kg kettlebell over the past fortnight, 3/4 times a week, following the simple element of the S+S protocol as a guide. Today I finally cracked 100 swings (two-handed). I gave one-handed swings a shot in my seventh and eight sets, but I began to lose technique on the sixth/seventh rep so I parked the bell for safety.

I’m really trying to get the hard-style swing dialled in – it’s pretty subtle to me how it can all go south if I don’t give each rep my full attention.

The protocol is:

10×10 swings (16kg kettlebell)

10×1 TGU (Turkish Get Up, 2kg ankle-weight – 25 years old!)

10 swings/1 TGU per set.

The warmup exercises and cool-down stretching is as prescribed. I did throw in some masochistic laundry hanging to round it all off!

The whole session took me about 20/25 minutes. Plenty of bang for the buck on time and effort.