Day 1: #100DaysOfCode 2019

And I’ve begun! I’m halfway through DataCamp’s Python Data Science Toolbox (Part1). I took out a 1 year subscription in January, and I’m finding the interactive exercises are good for revision and quick bursts of coding. As I progress in this 100DaysOfCode, I’ll give my Udacity Secure and Private AI Scholarship Challenge my best shot. Its a course in Deep Learning using PyTorch, Facebook’s Python Deep Learning library. Too be honest: I’m in way over my head with it right now! But, I’ve learned what’s looked impossible before.

I’ve coded for over 45 minutes today. I set a pomodoro timer for 40 mins, and found some Deep Listening (literally) to help me focus. I find music like this is great for coding.

I found this via:
Deep Listening for Deep Learning!

#100DaysOfCode 2019

I’m back in the wagon. My last attempt at #100DaysOfCode went south about halfway through. Looking back at last year – I was trying to learn too much at once. Studying a postgraduate course in Data Analytics with Python, and a Front-end web development Nanodegree with Udacity at the same time, meant I was spread too thin. I couldn’t learn either Python or Javascript to the level I wanted to.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson from this. Its great to have the opportunity to learn. But drinking from a firehose of knowledge means you end up missing content, and it wasn’t a sustainable way for me to learn new skills and retain knowledge.

I ended up missing the deadline to complete the required projects to graduate from the FEND scholarship, and I felt that my Python skills were lacking.

So, from July 1st, I’m committing myself to at least 30 minutes of coding daily, for 100 days. My priority will be programming in Python with DataCamp, in order to reinforce my previous coursework, and prepare for the last semester of my Higher Diploma in Data Analytics. Hopefully I’ll dip into Machine Learning too!